SHENOVAC PUMPS are better known for their outstanding and trouble-free performance. To give best performance, SHENOVAC Pumps are built-up with high quality materials and are having prompt and efficient after sales service. These pumps are to undergo innumerable experiments at various stages of its manufacturing by expert engineers in our sophisticated workshop to ensure that each and every pump is accurate, reliable and trouble-free. That is why SHENOVAC offers one year GUARANTEE for its pumps against all manufacturing defects.

SHENOVAC OIL SEALED ROTARY HIGH VACUUM PUMP is oil immersed, rotary vane types. The main assembly consists of a main body with a rotor mounted eccentrically in it. The rotor is provided with two vanes opposite each other with springs in between, which press them against the inner wall of the main body. When the rotor revolves, the vanes move-in and out of the rotor and sweep the air space twice per revolution.

SHENOVAC OIL SEALED ROTARY High vacuum pimps are available in two types, single & double stage, having a free air displacement of 32 LPM to 7500 LPM (Vacuum pumps up to 500 LPM are air cooled whereas vacuum pumps of larger capacities, which are specially designed and developed for industrial applications, are water cooled).


Models Elect. Motor HP F.D.A. LIT/ MIN ULT. VAC. in MM/HG Oil charge in Ltrs.
SV2/32 1/6 32 0.002 1
SV2/50 1/4 50 0.002 1.5
SV2/100 1/2 100 0.002 2
SV2150 1/2 150 0.002 2.5
SV2/200 3/4 200 0.002 3
SV2/ 300 1 300 0.002 3.5
SV2/600 1.5 600 0.002 5.5
(Ultimate vacuum at the intake with McLeod Gauge)


Models Elect. Motor HP F.D.A. LIT/ MIN ULT. VAC. in MM/HG Oil charge in Ltrs.
SV2/600 1.5 600 0.002 6
SV2/800 2 800 0.002 8
SV2/1000 3 1000 0.002 9
SV2/1500 3 1500 0.002 11
SV2/2000 5 2000 0.002 15
SV2/3000 5 3000 0.002 18
SV2/5000 7.5 5000 0.002 35
SV2/7500 10 7500 0.002 45
(Ultimate vacuum at the intake with McLeod Gauge)

  • High efficiency and accuracy
  • Compact and sturdy design
  • Reliable and economical
  • Uninterrupted supply of vacuum
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Trouble free performance.

Application of SHENOVAC OIL SEALED ROTARY High Vacuum Pumps are many and varied. These pumps are best suited for:-

  • De-aeration
  • Distillation
  • Drying
  • Refrigeration & Air-conditioning
  • Vacuum Forming
  • Research Work
  • Evacuation of Vacuum Systems
  • Bulb Industries
  • Impregnation etc.