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Oil Sealed Rotary High Pump, Suction Pump, Vacuum Pump, Industrial Vacuum Pressure Pump, Water Ring Vacuum Pump


These pumps belonging to series SV2 (D) designed to work non-stop without any problem, for a long period of time. These are Direct Drive, Double Stage, Oil Sealed, Rotary High Vacuum Pumps wherein, State of the Art technique has been adopted to ensure proper alignment and the fine setting of each & every component used, remain ever undisturbed.

The main components of the pumps are made out of the selected superior quality raw materials, which mainly consist of specially treated Cast Iron (Grade Cast) and Steel. The pump is coupled directly to the Motor Shaft, which not only makes it compact, but also ensures its powerful positive drive sufficiently noiseless.


  • Compact in design and minimum in weight
  • Advanced lubrication by high capacity integral oil-pump ensures reliable running even at high gas loads.
  • Low noise levels and minimum vibration.
  • Easy maintenance of shaft oil seal.
  • Thoroughly tested on Pirani and Mc. Leod gauge.
  • Fitted with Anti-oil suck back system.
  • Ultimate vacuum 10-3 mbar.
  • Displacement from 100 lit./min. to 500 lit./min.
  • Low noise levels and minimum vibration. Thoroughly tested on Pirani and Mc. Leod gauge.
  • Applications

  • Leak-testing and in many vacuum jobs.
  • Evacuation of vacuum system.
  • T.V. Tube.
  • Vacuum flasks.
  • Any type of bulb and tube.
  • A.C. and refrigeration.
  • De-aeration.
  • Moulds
  • Filtration and distillation.
  • Bright annealing.
  • Laboratories for Research & development .
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